Cherrybrook breeds online success


If you are you looking for top-quality health and wellness products for pets, we know just the place for you. A premier pet supplies store, Cherrybrook offers a complete line of pet items, including all-natural, organic foods, treats and supplements, training tools, beds, travel and safety kits, toys, apparel, and more.

Whether you are a pet owner, dog show professional, breeder, or groomer, you will find everything you need at Cherrybrook. To purchase Cherrybrook pet products you can visit one of the company’s retail stores, order via catalogue, or go online at


Long before approaching ECommerce Partners, Cherrybrook already had a basic ecommerce site in place. But it was riddled with problems, such as a cumbersome navigation, a slow checkout process and an outdated look and feel. It also lacked user comfort and brand appeal leading to high cart abandonment and lost revenues. Since there was no back office integration, online orders had to be be manually processed – a drag on existing resources and a show-stopper to potential ebusiness expansion plans.

As a marketing tool, the site proved equally disappointing. It supported virtually no personalization, registered poorly on search engines, and failed to convert visitors into shoppers. In short, did not live up to its potential. When Roy and Claudia Loomis took the helm of the company, they decided on a complete website overhaul and called on ECommerce Partners to help with the endeavor.

Today, visitors can browse by product category, brand and even dog breed, quickly zeroing in on the items they need. Secure shopping carts and a quick checkout process all contribute to making the user experience easy and enjoyable. As for the back-end: site, stores and warehouse are now seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) for inventory management, customer service and automatic order fulfillment.

ECommerce Partners started, as the agency usually does, with an intense strategy phase, analyzing Cherrybrook’s technical and commercial requirements and building a comprehensive blueprint for the site. Then they designed and developed a completely new ecommerce site with clearly organized home, category and product pages and a streamlined navigation.

Following an in-depth SEO Discovery Phase to assess the site’s current and foreseeable SEO needs, ECommerce Partners launched a systematic SEO campaign and put analytics in place to help Cherrybrook track the effectiveness of all online marketing efforts.


Together, ECommerce Partners and Cherrybrook defined a number of ecommerce goals, including radically improving the user experience, increasing administration efficiency, driving constant, relevant traffic to the site, and capturing valuable customer data to rapidly grow sales and build a strong, successful ebusiness.


ECommerce Partners has provided the following services:

  • Consulting
  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Ecommerce Web Design
  • Custom Solutions
  • 3rd Party Application Integration
  • User Interface Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Site Design
  • Content & Brand Websites
  • Custom Management Systems (CMS)
  • Search Engine Methodology
  • SEO Discovery Phase
  • Ecommerce Development Module for Custom Cart Features
  • Unlimited Catalogue Management
  • Secure Shopping Cart
  • Promotion & Marketing
  • Payment Processing
  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Detail Site Traffic & Sales Reports
  • CRM
  • Custom Account Management
  • Analytics
  • Bigcommerce Implementation
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  • Ongoing Hosting
  • Internet Marketing Services
  • Google Product Search
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Custom Cart Featured/ Functionalities

“When Claudia and I purchased Cherrybrook, the company had a loyal following among breeders, dog show professionals and pet groomers. But we felt the brand had much more potential and we decided to reach out to pet owners. To succeed, we knew we needed a strong, user-friendly website, which would allow us to present our 10,000+ products in an easy-to-use intuitive manner. ECommerce Partners helped us to create, implement and maintain our new website. I spent 20+ years in the Technology Consulting world, so I knew what I was looking for in an internet business partner. ECommerce Partners impressed us right from the start with their experience, design ideas and business model. So, for us the choice was clear, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. ECommerce Partners delivered on time and on budget, and we continue to work with them to improve and grow our Cherrybrook e-business.”

Roy Loomis, Owner, Cherrybrook