Web-Only Retailer Builds Glittering Ebusiness for


Planning to buy diamond jewelry for that special someone in your life? We know just the right place for you. offers quality diamonds at affordable prices. A venture of well-established wholesalers, is currently one of the premier online retail destinations for loose diamonds and diamond jewelry in the US.

When started looking for a new interactive agency and asked for referrals, the name ECommerce Partners came up repeatedly. Intrigued by the agency’s track record of building successful ecommerce sites for jewelry vendors, set up a series of personal meetings and was able to witness ECommerce Partners’ creativity and unique understanding of the diamond business first hand.


Founded in 2000, landed a veritable coup, when it secured its premium domain name. But the actual online presence proved disappointing, at first. Traffic was slow, cart abandonment high, and revenues remained much below expectations. Why? The site had several problems: It was neither user nor search engine friendly, seemed visually flat, and featured remarkably little brand identity.

With its lack of personalization and interactivity, it also did preciously little to captivate and retain its audience. finally understood that its B2C online initiative called for a different approach then its B2B ventures, and looked for interactive experts who could help turn the listless site into a lucrative ebusiness. Enter ECommerce Partners.


After conducting in-depth analysis, ECommerce Partners recommended an entirely new online marketing and sales approach, one that would promote the brand, drive targeted traffic to the site, enhance the user experience, build trust, and grow online sales.

A series of focus groups revealed that the bulk of potential shoppers were men rather than women, so Ecommerce Partners suggested developing a new online presence that, while appealing to women, would also perfectly cater to male tastes.

The site that Ecommerce Partner designed did just that. Innovative graphic design helped the glittering images pop and gave the online shop a luxurious, sexy feel. Logo, colors and layout were completely revised to complement the look and promote the brand.

The site also featured intuitive navigation and a personalized service with experts at hand to guide shoppers through the buying process, inspire trust and improve the overall user experience. Individual customer accounts and regular email offers complemented the online marketing initiative and reinforced long-term customer loyalty.

Another innovation that proved an instant success was the Customize Your OwnTM application. It allows shoppers to design their own diamond rings online testing different shapes, sizes, and settings to find the perfect solution.


ECommerce Partners has provided the following services:

  • Ecommerce Consulting
  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Ecommerce Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Methodology
  • ERS (Ecommerce Requirements Specifications)
  • SDC (SEO Development Component)
  • SEO (Discovery Phase)