Product catalog site powers innovative B2B marketing program for L’Oréal Technique


L’Oréal, an international leader in the beauty industry, maintains different websites, each geared to a specific target audience. L’Oréal Technique addresses hair salon professionals.

The B2B site displays the company’s extensive line of hair care and coloring products, features professional information as well as a wide variety of sales and marketing materials and feeds a number of innovative loyalty programs.With its educational videos and frequent content updates, L’Oréal Technique has become a premier destination for hairdressers from all over the country.


When L’Oréal Technique first came to ECommerce Partners with the goal of enhancing its B2B marketing program, the company listed a number of issues. The existing product catalog site looked bland, was poorly branded, and proved cumbersome to use.

It also had no integrated CMS system and did not support any dynamic content and campaign changes. In short, the executives at L’Oréal Technique knew they needed to make a change and asked ECommerce Partners to come on board and build their online presence from scratch.


The new online initiative was designed to fulfill a number of goals: promote the L’Oréal Technique brand among B2B audiences, drive relevant traffic, improve communications between the company and its business customers, and launch a number of targeted marketing initiatives.

Today, the site elegantly reinforces the brand, boasts intuitive navigation and enhances the user experience with flash and video. An integrated, powerful content management system supports updates on the fly – a prerequisite to keeping proactive business professionals interested and engaged.

L’Oréal Technique also tapped ECommerce Partners to help with the launch of targeted online marketing campaigns. One such campaign aimed at sending more traffic to Sally Beauty Supply, a premier provider of L’Oréal Technique’s hair care products. The site was turned into a wellspring of information with new educational videos posted each week.

Some 250,000 hairdressers were invited to log on and view the videos at their leisure. Asked to fill out a short questionnaire, they were rewarded with a 20% off coupon on L’Oréal Technique products at Sally Beauty Supply stores. With the majority of participants taking advantage of the offer, the campaign quickly became an all-out success boosting brand awareness and sales.

More recently, the company decided to launch a dedicated customer loyalty program. Hairdressers who purchased $100 or more worth of L’Oréal Technique products at Sally Beauty Supply stores were entitled to a $100 coupon that they could apply towards additional product purchases online. Well received among existing clients, the campaign strengthened the bond between L’Oréal Technique and its customer base.


ECommerce Partners has provided the following services:

  • Ecommerce Consulting
  • B2B Online Marketing Strategy
  • User Interface Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Site Design
  • Content & Brand Websites
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • WRS (Website Requirements Specifications)

“We wanted to update and energize our B2B marketing program and looked for a partner who would help set up a powerful online presence and marketing program. Industry colleagues recommended ECommerce Partners, and we started working with them back in 2005. We have been impressed ever since. They are real experts in their field and they excel in customer care.”

Melka Ingram Davis, Integrated Marketing Communications, L'Oreal USA