Love the luxurious feel of cashmere but scared of exorbitant costs? Check out White + Warren. The company offers stylish knitwear pieces of the finest quality at affordable prices. Founded in 1997 by fashion experts Susan White and Barbara Warren, the cashmere collection for everyday living proved an instant success with shoppers, fashion editors and celebrities.

Today, the White + Warren line continues to expand, offering eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo and organic cotton, and including a host of additional items for a contemporary lifestyle. White + Warren pieces are available in stores around the nation and online at and on their mobile website


When White + Warren first approached ECommerce Partners, the company already had an ecommerce solution in place but was disappointed with its performance. Low visibility in search engines meant the site lacked traffic. Poor user comfort and multiple performance problems spelled high cart abandonment.

A lack of advanced features, such as videos and rich media, did not help matters either. In short, the site produced low conversions and low revenues. Business savvy and quality conscious, the White + Warren team knew it could do better and decided to upgrade the company’s ecommerce solution. That’s when ECommerce Partners entered the picture.


ECommerce Partners sat down with White + Warren to detect and analyze the existing issues over five years ago. Then the company created an online strategy, defining the following main goals. Create an advanced ebusiness that maximizes handling efficiency for the company and user comfort for its customers. Attract more relevant traffic to the site. Grow online sales. Launch an online marketing campaign to complement and support offline branding.To achieve these goals, ECommerce Partners completely revamped White + Warren’s existing x-cart platform.

Redesigned the site to match the brand’s high-end image, implementing a clearly organized home, category and product pages. Streamlined the navigation so shoppers could easily locate all desired items, accelerating the checkout, and dramatically enhancing the shopping experience in the process. ECommerce Partners also integrated SEO related features, such as URL re-writes and product feeds to increase rankings in major search engines and attract quality leads. Additional cutting-edge features were included to give White + Warrant more control and more flexibility, empowering the company, for example, to create and change its look books.  In September 2014, White+Warren launched a new mobile site designed by Ecommerce Partners that increased traffic by over 15,000 sessions and boosted the mobile conversion rate by 35%.


ECommerce Partners has provided the following services:

  • Mobile Website Design and Launch
  • Ecommerce Custom Solutions
  • User Experience
  • Usability
  • Web Site Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance

“Our relationship has continued to grow along with our revenues on

Susan White, CEO, White + Warrens