Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

We make sure your visitors convert—that they shop, subscribe and
yearn to return. In short, we help you generate more sales from your
existing visitors and boost your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

The CRO Process


AB testing

Here’s how we do it

We leverage proven methods – like Big Data analysis,
machine learning. A/B testing and personalization – to
improve the user experience and increase conversions.

Our Specialty:
conversion rate optimization (CRO)

We draw on behavioral research, psychology analytics and
ecommerce design to systematically turn your online visitors
into customers.

Our CRO services will help you

  • Generate more sales from your existing traffic
  • Maximize the ROI of your search marketing spend
  • Increase customer engagement and retention rates
  • Gain a strong edge over your competitors
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Our CRO process in an ongoing one. It includes three phases:


During the investigation phase, we use web analytics, testing and visitor feedback tools to analyze the status of your business. In this way we create a baseline, against which we measure future results.

We monitor user behavior throughout your site to identify typical shopping patterns and study mouse movements to discover potential disconnects in your conversion funnel. We discern what types of customers visit what pages, who leaves prematurely and why, and which site elements stand in the way of higher conversion rates.

In particular we look at following:

Value proposition

Site design


Microcopy (the tiny bit of copy in calls to action, links, usage instructions that can reduce friction and encourage visitors to take action)

Potential distractions and sources of concern

Shopping cart and checkout flow


Once our team has gained a thorough understanding of your business and identified conversion barriers, the process moves into optimization phase. Having gotten into your visitors’ heads, we aim to create an environment that is ever more conductive to converting them into customers. To that end, we develop clear hypotheses and design targeted experiments to prove them. We prioritize the experiments according to their relative importance to your business and start with the ones that will likely have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Such experiments may include one or more of the following:

Clarifying your value proposition

Streamlining your design

Personalizing the content

Tweaking your microcopy and calls to action

Removing distractions and sources of anxiety for your prospects

Adding shopping incentives

Creating high performing landing pages

Making shopping cart and checkout flow pages intuitive and easy to use


Hypotheses defined and changes proposed, we proceed to validate them with a series of rapid A/B tests, comparing alternate options in design, content, microcopy, checkout flow and more. We analyze the results to see how our suggestions perform in real life. We then use the insights to both implement the necessary changes and circle back into the ongoing CRO process as we continue to optimize your conversion rate.

This phase includes:


Detailed Report Analysis

Optimization Adjustments

Plan future optimization considering seasonality, upcoming holidays and events

Client feedback