Content is what ultimately sells products online. While design can grab buyers’ attention, and attractive prices can influence decisions, consumers won’t buy products they know nothing about.

A good content development strategy gives your users all the product or company information they need, in a way that is easy for them to understand and relate to, and in a concise manner. Also, in today’s overabundance of information, great website content engages the user from the first second, and quickly answers all the important questions about a product or service before the customer needs to ask them.



Contrary to some misconceptions, people do read a lot online: they research product features, look for reviews, and more. The job of ecommerce sites is to give them high-quality content that will keep them interested.

ECommerce Partners copywriters offer polished writing skills and an understanding of a variety of industries – which enables us to quickly identify the key messages for your products or site pages and compose descriptive, clear, and engaging copy. This helps in two main ways:

1. Increase clarity and wealth of information, which leads to a better user experience and improves conversion rates.
2. Increase the likelihood of appearing in search engine results, since among other things, search engines look for relevant and rich content.


Multimedia Content Development

While written copy is generally the foundation of any content development strategy, in today’s online media landscape there are numerous other tools available to easily communicate the benefits of your offerings in an engaging way. From web video to podcasts, and from interactive features to images, ECommerce Partners can help you define and create the right type of multimedia content that will appeal the most to your customers.


Search Engines and Your Web Content (SEO Website Content)

The way you write your content online also determines whether and how users will find you. Search engine algorithms use the frequency of keywords and phrases on your website to rank the relevance of the information you provided. Also, users may search for information in different ways at different times. Search Engine Optimization , or SEO, is largely about making sure your website includes the right keywords and content that pertain to your business.

Your site needs the right keywords, phrases, and information to rank well. Adding articles, blog posts, well-written product descriptions, press releases, and other helpful information to your site can help boost placement in search engines, and at the same time, provide the information your web visitors need to complete their transactions.


The Value of Original Content

In an effort to increase the number of keywords and content offering on a site, some business owners make the costly mistake of re-using free content that is widely available online. The problem with this practice is that search engines consider content that appears over several sites as spam. Using free, un-original content on your site can, at best, have your site ranked lower and, at worst, get your site blacklisted and removed from search engine databases.

ECommerce Partners has the expertise to create original web content that will both improve your search engine placement and sell your products and services. We’re experienced in providing all aspects of web content – including newsletter content, article writing, blog posts, landing page copy, interactive media, and more. We will help you create an “online window display” that will both pull in customers and make the sale. Fill out the form below to find out more.


Additional Content Development Services:

Product Descriptions: clear, detailed, and useful product description are a key driver in user satisfaction, conversions, and search engine presence. Both humans and search engines look for well-written, descriptive content on products. This content must tell a concise and appealing story about the item, explain its uses and attributes, and detail its advantages. A content strategy like this drives a lot more conversions compared to just a list of attribute bullet-points, or lengthy irrelevant content. Ecommerce Partners copywriters are adept at writing appealing product descriptions that drive transactions and search visibility.

Article Marketing: our copywriters can assist you with writing and distributing appealing informational articles that discuss your industry, business, or products. These can help your company get more visibility, increase your credibility in the marketplace, educate consumers on your products, improve SEO, and attract more visitors to your site.

SEO press releases & distribution: unlike traditional press releases that target big media, an SEO press release goes after end-users, in communicating your new products, website features, big sales, holiday specials, events, and more. The SEO press release is written in a way that is more likely to appear in relevant searches, and at the same time, is appealing to human readers. ECommerce Partners also distributes your press releases via highly search-optimized press release distribution channels in order to increase search visibility and traffic.

PPC landing pages: when a user clicks on a PPC ad, they are looking for the specific information that they saw in the ad. Therefore, each ad variation should direct to a unique landing page that is written specifically to address what the user is looking for. ECommerce Partners copywriters will help you craft the right messages that will ensure maximum conversion on your PPC campaigns.

Case studies: by showing your clients success stories and examples of how your products and services are working for other clients, you can increase your credibility and exposure. Our copywriters will help you identify the best points to mention in your case studies and craft a professional and appealing content package.

Blog posts & blog marketing: blogs are major communication and marketing outlets, and an opportunity for you to communicate directly with your customers on your own platform. However, maintaining a well-written, frequently-updated blog – one that offers engaging content and brings users back — is both an art and a science. At ECommerce Partners we can help you identify the right topics to discuss on your blog and create content that will attract users and drive stronger search presence.

Newsletters: well-written, regularly emailed newsletters are a powerful way of improving customer loyalty and increasing revenue. Our copywriters can assist you with composing periodical or special-event newsletter content and promotions that will help increase sales.

Social media profile building: our marketing team lives and breathes internet, and has experience in communicating and interacting with users on behalf of clients on social networks and applications. We’ll define what social channels are suitable for your brand, and which ways fit your business and can generate the right traction.

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